The Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary – Central & Arctic Region

The Auxiliary consists of volunteer crews tasked for search and rescue missions on most waters which are not considered inland waters.  The organization has been in operation since 1978.

There are approximately 80 operational units in this Region.   A Search & Rescue unit can either be a privately owned vessel or community owned.  All of the organizations are Not for Profit.  Crews vary in size, from 4 to 50.

Auxiliary units respond to about 25% of all marine related incidents and are generally available 24/7.

Auxiliary members receive Search and Rescue training through the auspices of the Canadian Coast Guard and operations are funded by the Federal Government through a Contribution Agreement.

Auxiliary members are also available to provide SAR Prevention displays and presentations.

When in difficulty on the water:
• On VHF Channel 16 contact any Coast Guard Radio station.
• Using a Cell Phone: Dial *16
• Land Line: Joint Rescue Coordination Centre @ 1-800-267-7270.